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Photographer-traveler and photographer on silk, 

I like to capture a moment that I find "right" at a given time. My starting point for making a photograph is a form of intended luck. In this sense

I would mention Paul Eluard: "There is no chance, there are only appointments"

Yseult D. has always been passionate about photography and travel.

After many years in an aquatic environment, she decided in 2012 to take evening classes in digital photography: a year of intense technical learning with Pierre Scheys. In parallel, Yseult D. works with Marc Aghemio, a friend painter in Paris, who shares his historical experience of photography and helps her refine her artistic look. 

Since then, Yseult D. pursues as a self-educated her photographic adventure through her travels, meetings and daily walks that feed her gaze.

« Photography for me is like a hunt. The search to trigger at a specific time. I can stay hidden for a long time in a corner just waiting and then, suddenly, everything goes very fast. Definitely do not look at the picture and wait before discovering it home on screen, and be excited or disappointed. I try to touch without editing. What I like about photography is the element of chance. »

« While working with digital material, I capture my images as in the days of argentic photography, that is to say, saving a maximum of my shots. I then try to place myself so to best esthetize the scene, while remaining unobtrusive to capture the spontaneity of a situation. I work primarily with 50mm and 20mm which are my two favorite lenses. »

« I only discover my photographs once back home. »

Because she wants to give life to her pictures, Yseult D. also develops silk creations based on her photographs.

Meet her at Loft Matyse Art Gallery Brussels!

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"J'aime capturer un instant pour vous en faire un présent"  Yseult D.
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