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Yseult D belgian photographer


   "Simplicity is the source of beauty"

The sentence alone sums up the universe of Yseult D.

Solitary traveller, Yseult D. aspires to highlight moments that may seem insignificant but that are always imbued with a beautiful light. She carefully composes her photographs.  

Thrifty, she only takes one shot and never look at her photographs until she comes back  from her journey few weeks later.

She tries to touch and hopes to bring a little poetry into this disturbed world. 

"There is no chance, there are only encounters», this sentence by Paul Eluard sums up Yseult D's career perfectly.

Nothing seemed to predestine her for art photography.  

Daughter of the Depelseneer couple, the precursors of the method for baby swimmers, the future artist worked for many years with her parents in this captivating and humane field.

In 2011 Yseult, who has always been passionate about photography and cinema, started taking digital photography night classes.

Course were taught by Pierre Scheys, Thanks to whom Yseult developed the technical aspect of photography. At the same time she worked with her friend painter Marc Aghemio, in Paris who encouraged her to sharpen her artistic eye.

  One year later, with her diploma in her pocket, Yseult traveled to Israel. A   journey that will mark a turning point in her professional life. On her return to Belgium, an unexpected encounters at her hairdresser’s allowed Yseult to make her photographs public.   The Jewish laïc center community in Brussels gave her carte blanche to present her first exhibition, entitled «Once upon a time in Jerusalem" under the name of Yseult D.

The enthusiasm of the public then convinced her to devote herself entirely to artistic photography.  

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